Top 15 Muscle Building Foods To Gain Mass

We all know that without any proper plan we can never reach the success, similarly, the same concept will be followed here, trust it or not but yes this is the important point one needs to take care of if he really wants his muscles to grow in a good state. Without proper muscle building foods or plan of nutrition, hydration, and supplementation you will not have benefit either you will have gain in the little quantity which will be too negotiable to feel, this way soon you will get frustrated and you may take step back by quitting it.

It’s natural when we put efforts in something we expect results well, and if we don’t get the outcome as expected we think of quitting it. Want to build some muscles that will add the plus points in your personality? Be ready to eat the healthy muscle building foods.

Top 15 Muscle Building Foods To Gain Mass

muscle building foods

Sitting in the squat position, and placing hands on hands will never take you to the healthy level where you see yourself with the heavy muscles. You need to consume the material that further helps in the growth of the muscle. Only by consuming the proper diet and intake of food will help you to build up the serious muscles.

By the word proper diet, means you need to stop eating food thrice a day or you need to skip one time meal, by this word we mean “ A proper diet that will be comprised of a proper quantity of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.
Your body needs to get all these three 3 macronutrients in the concerned quantity so here in muscle building foods list you will get it all.

List Of Top Muscle Building Foods That Provides Us Protein :

Going to the gym, and exercising there for around an hour may make your body healthier. But if you start by taking the following rich protein foods, you can surely feel the same good gains, you feel doing great hard work in the gym.

Paying attention to your concern about the healthy body and strong muscles, this list of muscle building foods information is collected from the professional dieticians and other sources.



muscle building foods

Eggs have been seen criticized so harshly for the years. As if the rumors are to be believed then it is heard that Eggs create trouble for the arteries, as they are considered as the artery-clogging foods. But researchers are going on this matter, and also it is found that the heart disease and dietary cholesterol are not interconnected and linked.

Since that time, eggs have come across in the spotlight as a food which is good for health, especially for the growth of the muscles. The yolks are found to have cholesterol which serves to the great extent to the steroid hormones (hormones for developing the body) and ½ a gram of leucine in the eggs acts as a good source to build up your muscles. An egg is one of the best proteins in muscle nutrition.

Protein Shake

muscle building foods
Very few people know that drinking a glass of shake that contains high rich proteins and as well as carbohydrates can help you gain the energy before going to the workouts. The energy will remain until the end of workouts, still, the person will be able to feel the activeness because of it.

Also, some of the dieticians have said that recovery shake of carbohydrates and proteins should be considered as the cornerstone of muscle building program. This is also the best food in muscle nutrition.

Searches from the various institutes were conducted and the result shown that the combination of the powerful nutrition puts the stay on muscle breakdown, escalate replenishing stores of energy, increase the flow of blood in the muscles, improves the ability of the body to function and use of cars for some more hours till the end of your workout.


muscle building foods
Here come the nuts, nuts play a very crucial role in the lives of the people who seem struggling to get the thigh muscles. 1 ounce of almonds and cashew consists of 150-170 calories of high quality. Nuts are considered as the perfect mixture of proteins, fiber, and fats, you help you and let your body get extra calories.

They are easy to take from one place to another which makes it the perfect thing as a snack on the day when you want to increase your calories. It may be tiny/small but it great in the list of muscle building foods.

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Full-Fat Cottage Cheese

muscle building foods
They are rich in casein as they contain it the high proportion, the protein that gets digested slowly. Eating casein can help your amino acid rise slowly. Cottage cheese is comprised of good bacteria that’s helps in the breakdown and absorb the nutrients your body requires to get healthier and bigger.

Lean Beef

muscle building foods
Beef seems to be on the top of the list of muscle building foods for so many years. Beef is a combination of essential proteins like B-vitamins, amino acids, and creatine.

This is also comprised of the saturated fats which further helps the human body to get healthier and monounsaturated fat for the heart. If rumors are to be believed it is said that people who eat meat have a low of anxiety.


muscle building foods

Chickpeas, a good source of getting the energy. It needs to be your main source of taking the energy. These beans contain around 45 grams of carb that acts slowly, per cup with the along 12 grams.

If you are facing issues and troubles in getting a healthier body then you need to replace the grains and rice with the chickpeas in your diet.


muscle building foods
Many of you are thinking that how can lentils is in muscle building foods. It is known as the unique as it is considered that people need to consider it as the secret weapon used for building up the muscles to the great extent.

If you will have a cup of cooked lentils then you may consider that you are going to have 18 grams of proteins with the 40 grams of carb that are slowly digested. They provide a good life that too at a cheap rate.

They only take 10 minutes in cooking and after that, it can be combined with the brown rice by pouring the salad over it and an amazing dish is ready.


muscle building foods

Like EPA and DHA they are too consists of the long chain omega-3 fats and the high quality of proteins.
The omega-3 fatty acids are considered as the good source for the people, it is known as the good source because they are able to improve the heart health. If you have trouble eating the fish, then you may take the fish oil to get the benefits.

Fermented Dairy Products

muscle building foods

Kefir, known as the magic bullet for the growth of muscles. Kefir contains the probiotics around 10 billion good bacteria, which is why they are more preferred than the other dairy product and milk, since of the probiotics they get easily digested.

These healthy good bacteria keep your body and digestive system to run smoothly.

Rotisserie Chicken

muscle building foods

It is known as the emergency food for muscles. They are like as soon as you eat it you start feeling the energy in your body and also they are not that difficult to get, they are easily available in the supermarkets. Almost all know this the best then all muscle building foods.

Hemp Seed

muscle building foods

It’s seeds used to be sold out as the power protein. Seeds of hemp are found to be not only rich in the proteins but they also consist of the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids need to be considered for health.

It can be digested easily which is why it seems to be highly recommended and also, on the other hand, is known as the great vegetarian to those who are facing troubles in digesting whey or dairy products.


muscle building foods

Another protein substance is Tuna, which is found to be ultra rich in protein. It seems lean. If it is to be compared to the other animal protein meat then it seems lean. They are heavily fished species whereas 5-oz can of tuna consists of the 30 grams of proteins. This is also the best muscle building foods.

Pork Tenderloin

muscle building foods

It may seem like a lean but it contains the rich amount of proteins in it. Sometimes products seem to be big but they don’t provide the same package of proteins like bacon.

But pork tenderloin is one of the products that seems like lean but contains a high amount of proteins. It is also available widely.

Well, it is said to be one of the most consumed proteins in various countries. It is a lean cut of meat and provides protein of almost around 18 grams.

A little amount of fat of 2 grams over 3 ounces of pork will be obtained which you may burn out if it is not necessary. Many studies also considered it equal to the muscle building foods likes chicken and beef.

Brown rice

muscle building foods

Brown rice contains around 5 grams of protein but when they get cooked. As it contains the rich amount of branched chain amino acids, it is considered as one of the goods and healthy vegetarian muscle building foods.


muscle building foods
They are found to be high in fiber. They help the human body to grow muscles. Beans also play an important role in growing up the body and the muscles and they are easily available for the cheap price too. So, it is one of the cheapest muscle building foods through which you can help your body to look healthy.

Greek Yogurt

Muscle Building Foods

As we all know dairy products are necessary for everyone. Since dairy products contain protein of high quality. Well, dairy products contain a mixture of two types of protein, the first one is “casein protein” that gets slowly digest and another one is “whey protein” that gets the fast digest.

Many types of research were being conducted to analyze its benefits and the results showed that people who consumed both the proteins “slow and fast digesting protein” have experienced enhancement in their lean mass.
Although, all the dairy products don’t provide the equal benefits.

It is said that Greek yogurt normally contains the double number of proteins as that of regular yogurt contains. So consuming Greek yogurt instead of normal regular yogurt can be beneficial.

You can eat greek yogurt instead of having fried snacks. Or eating greek yogurt before going to bed at night or after coming from workout may also be beneficial because of its a combination of slow digesting and fast digesting proteins.

You can create your own goals which will help you to boost the size of your muscles. Here are some
instances of goals.

1. You must eat thrice a day, and workouts pre and post.
2. Every time you eat food and having a meal, don’t forget to add some extra calories to it
in any way either through food or beverages.
3. For extracurricular activities you will do throughout the day, your body requires more
carbohydrates, for which you can include cereal, pasta, rice, veggie and fruits more in
your diet, which will enhance the energy level in your body.
4. Try to reduce the level of fat from your diet and replace them with the food having
more proteins and carbohydrates.

Here we have completed the topic “Top 15 Muscle Building Foods To Gain Mass”. So hopefully now you have got the list of muscle building foods and also the details of each food which helps to build muscle. Very soon we will update more advance details stay tuned.

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