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Girls with long hair do not only look adorable but also long hair suit their personality. Girl having long hair becomes attractive. Nowadays, it is difficult to find such a girl. The reason is girls start using some products which promise to enhance their hairs but eventually, girls start losing their hairs.

All About Long Hair | Hair Styles | Tips | More

Long hair, enhances the beauty of the girl. To have the long hair, the girl seems seeking for the costly products but they never know, expensive products will never help them to have the long hair. Since hairs play a vital role in every girl’s life, so having the long, healthy and shining hairs is every girl’s dream.

So when there comes an occasion, where we expect ourselves to look perfect, there having thin hairs make us feel disappointed. And what if you have long hair? You must think yourself to rush to the parlor, but there is no need to rush anywhere as you can simply try some of the hairstyles at your convenient place that is your home.

Long Hair

Thin Long Hair 5 Different And Easy Hairstyles :


Fuller And Longer Ponytail

Long Hair

If you are still struggling with your thin long hair then no one can better understand the struggle with thin long hair than you. Without putting many efforts into having a hairstyle, you can just simply tie them up and make a ponytail.

Triple Braid

Long Hair

You must feel disappointed when you want to make a braid of your hairs, but ended up in tears. As the slim braid doesn’t suit your personality. No need to worry in such case you can make triple braid of your hairs. It will look somewhat a healthy braid.

Messy Bun But Yet Perfect

Long Hair

You must hate it and feel envy everytime you see a girl with having a perfect But no need to get jealous, because God has given everyone a kind of beauty. But trust me messy bun will look more attractive to you, than her perfect healthy bun.

Scarf Braid

Long Hair

You can use your scarf as a hairband by tying it on your hairs. This is of the rakish ideas, you can do easily and enhance the grace of your hairs.

Messy Double Braid Fishtail

Long Hair

There are so many hairstyles of thin long hair, you need not worry about your hairstyles. And the messy double braid which looks like the tail of the fish and also known as fishtail double braid, you can simply do it. It also helps you to look adorable.


Well, even there are plenty of hairstyles for men, who love to keep long hair. They not only look cool but also it enhances their rocking looks. Let’s see and read about the long hairstyles for men.

  1. Long, Wave, Messy
  2. Long comb-over, shaved sides
  3. Textured, Messy Beard
  4. Hard part comb-over, Mid fade
  5. Long parted hair, shaved sides


Next comes the haircut, hairdo for girls having long hair. It’s difficult to decide which haircut going to suit. As girls grow their hairs with so many efforts, so before going for a haircut, they think thrice of the times, Should they really need a haircut or not? Which haircut will best suit their personality? So there are plenty of questions which randomly comes up to mind whenever a girl thinks of having a new haircut.

But not to worry, as we are concerned with your fears and worries.

We will provide you the basic information about all the haircuts which looks immensely great on the long hair


Multi-Layered Fix

One of the ultimate goals of any woman is having layers in her hairs. So multi layers that too in long hair will become something totally different. As it is considered as the top-secret ingredient for the long hair. No need to shorten your hairs, you can just ask to have multi-layers in your hairs. You can decide the length of the layers you want in your hairs.

Face Framing layers

Layers, enhance the long hair to look more gracefully and adorable. The layers in the long hair seem to be appreciated a lot and especially the layers that seem on framing the face, always ask In the long hair, the layers usually start from the chin.

Feathered Long Layers In The U- Shape Cut

If your hairs are straight, and they don’t have curls, then you can ask for this haircut. This haircut will bring you happiness.

Front Layers

One of the easiest haircut it is for long hair. If your face is either in a heart shape or an oval shape, then the layers begin around the chin will best suit you, and if you face is square shape then the layers begin from cheekbones, will best suit on you.

Subtle Layers In Long Hair

This haircut is best suitable for the person who doesn’t want to shorten the length of her hairs, but wants to have the haircut at the same time. And plus when the person just wants to show the illusion of layers but don’t want to have it in reality. So this haircut is one of those haircuts that will be making an illusion of layers in your hairs and will never shorten the length of your long hair.

Long waves

Sometimes, heavy hairs becomes difficult to handle. And if they are healthy then it becomes more difficult to carry and handle. So if your hairs are long and healthy then you can ask your hairdresser for long waves. This haircut will make lighter the weight of your hairs, and also you can ask for the layers at the same time. The combination of layers and waves in the long hair will look awesome.

Messy and loose curls

Messy and loose curls haircut will give every girl a sexy touch in her personality. In this haircut, you can use a variety of different barrel sizes while curling your long hair to enhance the attractiveness of your long hair.

For Straight Hairs, Volume Adding Layers

Sometimes, what happens the most is during the time of curls, hairs start falling. Well, it does not happen every time but often the times. You can ask for this haircut, as this haircut in your long hair will provide the volume to your hairs and also your hairs get a much-required.


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Tips For Long And Healthy Hairs

Providing nutrition to your hairs is one of the important tasks if one really want to have naturally black, healthy and long hair. By using the expensive products like costly shampoos, conditioners, and oils will never go to benefit source for our hairs, rather we can spoil the naturalism of our hairs by doing this. There are plenty of natural sources through which we can take good care of our hairs.

1) Start massaging your hairs with oil, at least twice the times in a week.

Long Hair

As nutrition is required by each and every part of our body, similarly hairs too required the total amount of nutrition. By massaging the roots of our hairs with the oil, we can have not only long hair but also healthy hairs. As oil provides the strength and nutrition which further enhance our hairs to gown strong and long.

You can apply warm oil, and then massage your scalp for few minutes and let your scalp soak the oil for some time. After an hour you can wash your head with shampoo. You can try Coconut oil in winters. And In summers you can choose any oil.

2) Skip the daily shampoo

Long Hair

If you are habitual of washing your head twice or thrice the week with shampoo, then you need to stop doing that. The shampoo contains the elements sulfates and the plethora usage of shampoo on our hairs can become one of the reasons for the fall down of hairs and also damage our hairs.

3) Be Nice During you washing your hairs

Long Hair

You are required to wash your hairs in a gentle way. When your hairs are wet it starts becoming smooth and soft, and during this time if you apply the shampoo and start massaging your head in a harsh manner, it may create a bad effect for your hairs. You can yourself become the reason for damaging your hairs.
So during washing your hairs, you are required to massage your hairs smoothly.

4) Use Conditioner, After Shampoo

Long Hair

Conditioner is one of the essential factors for hairs. As after the head wash, our hairs seeks for the good care. By applying conditioner on our hairs we can prevent our hairs from the dryness, as well as it provides them protection from the outside pollution, dirt, and Sun to such a great extent.

Also, it helps our hairs to keep the moisture in it. It replaces the proteins and lipids inside the hairs and helps in sealing the cuticles which further prevents any kind of damage.

So these were the easy tips for your hair. Hope you have liked today’s article and don’t forget to share it with your near and dear ones.

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