Iron Rich Fruits | Fruits To Boost Up Your Iron Level

People who are lack of iron seems to be weak. If our body doesn’t get proper proteins, nutrients, carbs, fats or iron then we may face issues with our health which would be worst. So in order to maintain our body, we need to get the proper nutrients. This article will tell you about the Iron Rich Fruits and how they can help the human body to stay fit and active. These iron-rich fruits will never make your body screaming for iron.

Iron Rich Fruits | Fruits To Boost Up Your Iron Level

Like the proteins, carbohydrates and fats play an important role for muscle growth similarly iron also plays a vital role in our life, most of the times it seems to be neglected by people, some of the people seem to do not know the value of it or some people seems to neglect it in the way.
So let’s see how many iron-rich fruits are there and how these fruits will make our body gain benefits.

Firstly let us know what iron deficiency is and what types of diseases we can face due to it.

A survey was conducted 10 years ago, which showed that more than 56% of women seem to have a disease name “Anemia” which is caused due to the deficiency of iron and not taking the iron nutrients properly. Due to the lack of iron nutrients in your body, you may face numerous health issues like you may feel fatigue, on the other hand, tired, abnormal coloration on the face, headaches, shorter breathe and faster heartbeats. So if you find any of the issues with your body never neglect it, rather concern your doctor as these may be the symptoms of iron deficiency or you may simply eat the following fruits that are considered as the Iron rich fruits.


Here’s The List Of Iron Rich Fruits, Lets Read About Them.

Iron Rich Fruits List :


Iron Rich Fruits

It contains iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, niacin, folate, Vitamin A, and K, which makes it one of the Iron Rich Fruits and a great source to prevent diseases caused by lack of iron and also to get fiber as well.


Iron Rich Fruits

Although it provides iron in a low quantity that means a lot too. 100 gm of berries consists of around 0.3 g of iron. Berries also contain vitamin C, which further increases the absorbance of iron, as it never allows the insoluble iron compounds to be formed. It is beneficial for pregnant women as it is also known as the Iron Rich Fruit For Pregnancy.


Iron Rich Fruits

It contains around 2.7 mg of iron, one of the Iron Rich Fruit and also dried apricots are considered the best sources of fiber too. By eating dried apricots, the same iron we get from berries can easily get from apricots that is non-heme. Usually, it is to be said that it takes time to get absorbed, although, the absorption process may be increased by in taking the sources of food which are rich in heme iron and Vitamin C.


Iron Rich Fruits

So here’s a juicy fruit. If you consume one-eighth of watermelon that is medium in its size, then you take 1.5gm of iron in your body. Its juice is considered as the Iron Rich Fruit Juice too. They also increase the quantity of non-heme iron in the human.


Iron Rich Fruits

Here is the another most considered Iron Rich Fruit Juice to the people who are suffering from the anemia due to the deficiency of Iron. This iron-rich fruit is highly rich in vitamins like A Vitamin, C Vitamin, and E Vitamin and also contains folic acid. It helps in eliminating the symptoms of diseases like anemia.


Iron Rich Fruits

They are basically considered as the dried grapefruits since it also plays a vital role in preventing the human body from anemia, that is why it is also known as the Iron Rich Fruit. They are more beneficial than the grapes as they consist of twice the quantity of iron in grapes. It is to be said that when the grapes get dehydrates to form the raisins, the amount of nutrients present in them becomes more concentrated. It also contains carbs, potassium and Vitamin B.


Iron Rich Fruits

Its juice is considered as the good source to relieve constipation and also it is known as the good source of iron. Hence it becomes the Iron Rich Fruit Juice.

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Iron Rich Foods And Vegetables :

Mostly the vegetables that have dark leaves are found at the Iron Rich Vegetables.

  1. Tofu: It provides around 5.4 mg of iron. It is one of the Iron rich for pregnancy.
  2. Spinach: It provides around 2.7 mg of iron.
  3. Soybeans: It provides around 8.8 mg of iron per cup. However, chickpeas and black eyes peas are highly rich in IRON and hence it becomes the Iron rich for pregnancy
  4. Lentils: It provides around 6.6 mg of iron per cup cooked.
  5. Pumpkin: It provides around .4 mg of iron.

Iron Rich Nuts :

  1. Cashew nuts: 10 grams of Cashew contains 0.3 mg of iron
  2. Pistachios: 28 grams of Pistachios contains 1.1 mg of iron
  3. Hazelnuts: 14 grams of Hazelnuts contains 0.7 mg of iron
  4. Almonds: 10 grams of Almonds contains 0.5 mg of iron
  5. Pine nuts: 10 grams of Pine Nuts contains 0.6 mg of iron 

Iron Rich Fruit And Foods For Pregnant Women :

  1. Eggs (yolk)
  2. Dried fruits (prune, raisins, apricots and many more)
  3. Dark, leafy greens (spinach and many more)
  4. Beans
  5. Fortified grains and cereals


Often, a question it seems to be asked, who is found to be on the risk of iron deficiency disease?
Well, firstly pregnant ladies who are carrying a baby in their belly seems to be on the top of the list of
getting this disease. Then comes the menstruating women, every girl after a particular age bleeds
every month, which is why she lost so much blood from her body every month. And then comes the
children who are growing and people who are just trying to recover from the surgeries and illness.

Here’s some top 10 Iron Rich Fruits that help us to boost
the level of Hemoglobin in out body.

1. Apricots, dehydrated –   6.3 mg
2. Currants –    1 mg
3. Dates –    1 mg
4. Mulberries, raw –    1.7 mg
5. Persimmons, raw –    2.5 mg
6. Sun-dried tomatoes –    9.1 mg
7. Pomegranate –   0.3 mg
8. Raisins –    3 mg

9. Watermelon –    0.2 mg
10. Prunes –    0.9 mg

Here are some questions which are being asked every time about Iron Rich Fruits? Have a look

  1. Which fruit/vegetable enhance the iron contents in our body? Which fruit juice or vegetable soup is considered rich in iron?

Spinach, one cup of cooked spinach gives 6 milligrams. It helps humans to fight with the iron deficiency problem. Whereas one cup of prune juice helps humans to get 3 milligrams of iron. And one cup of carrot, mixed vegetable, pineapple, grapefruit, and tomato provided 1 milligram of iron contents in the human body. So anyone who is facing iron deficiency may start intaking of these juice and soups in order to get rid of iron deficiency.

  1.   What is a good iron level for a pregnant woman?

As everybody knows that when a woman is in her pregnancy periods, she should keep eating food that helps in enhancing the iron and hemoglobin. Because during the pregnancy days, level of blood increases by 30%. It means women need to consume more iron in order to make more hemoglobin.


So these were the Iron Rich Fruits, Iron Rich Food, and Iron Rich Veggies. We recommend you to start having these iron-rich fruits, food, and veggies in order to prevent anemia. Since they are high in iron will always prevent us from it.

Eat Healthily, Stay Fit and Keep Smiling. And also don’t forget to share the article with your near and dear ones and let them know the value of iron in their life through this iron-rich fruits & also stay tuned for more update.

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